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Sam and Kate wanted a large coffee table for their new extension. Whilst talking to them I noticed a large pile of waste timber rafters and wall studs from their building works. We agreed to utilise the timbers for the project. The timber was old and very hard Blackbutt (gum).

design case study


The timber was de-nailed and planed, thicknessed and then glued together to make the sides, top and bottom for the table (four hours).


The pieces were dimensioned and then dovetailed (two hours).


The piece was glued together (two hours).

Then the sanding began. Starting with 80 grit and progressing up to 400 grit (four hours).


Ready for four coats of tung oil (two hours over a fourteen day period - for drying).

The table in its new home.


Around two days work over approx sixteen days to produce this sturdy, indestructable table. Made from the clients' own timbers and to their exact design.


Price around $1000 AUD/USD

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