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We are fine woodworkers who design and manufacture quality products. With over 25 years experience and a love of all things wood, we can make something timeless for you.


Have a look at our gallery – there are many furniture designs both fitted and freestanding.


We also produce specialist boxes ; for jewellery or collectors and for special occasions – wedding presents or birth boxes.


We have lots of experience in designing for specific client needs and are happy to produce one off designs to your specifications. Small and medium sized jobs are welcomed anytime.


Our designs are modern and use traditional woodworking techniques and processes. We often use recycled or reclaimed timbers and are happy to use the clients’ timbers if they wish. We never use chipboard...


We design contemporary pieces and use curves or contrasting timbers to create interest. We often use edge detailing or texture, to create something unique and exciting.


We are creative woodworkers, always looking for new ways to make fantastic designs. As such, we experiment with offcuts and new ideas all the time. This leads to new ways of working and unique design features, as showcased in our sculptural gallery. If you want something unique – you have come to the right place..


About us

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